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Corporate Responsibility

Deutsche Telekom Supports Refugees

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In 2018 alone, Deutsche Telekom has offered 420 posts to refugees in the form of apprenticeships, internships, and other programs such as Internship PLUS Direct Entry.?

A brief look back: In 2015, a task force for refugee support was founded. The main focus was on providing rapid assistance to incoming refugees in the form of free Wi-Fi at initial reception centers, an internet platform, and the provision of buildings to use as refugee accommodation. The task force evolved from this starting point.

While in 2015 the focus was still on rapid assistance for new arrivals, it is now on integration into the labor market. Therefore, internships are offered, providing the first foothold in the German labor market. Internships provide a good basis for further job opportunities. The aim is that after an internship, as many refugees as possible should have access to long-term opportunities on the labor market, starting a training program or finding a permanent position. Deutsche Telekom cooperates with other companies to achieve this lasting integration.?

What is particularly noteworthy is that the more refugees are in employment at our company, the more open managers and teams are to providing support, and the more job offers are provided for refugees.?

According to the latest findings, some 86 percent of refugees have no formal professional qualifications or, at least, none that would be recognized in Germany – but a training program is not necessarily the best instrument to help everyone find their feet in the labor market. The Internship PLUS Direct Entry program is for precisely this target group: A three- to six-month orientation phase is followed by a two-year employment contract. One plus point here is that in the early phase, there is still time available outside of work for things like improving language skills.

We need diversity

Refugees also have a great deal to offer Deutsche Telekom. There is a desperate need for qualified personnel, in particular in understaffed professions and areas with high staffing requirements. The skills that refugees bring with them can be used here in a targeted way. We can already see examples of this, for example the Telekom hilft (Telekom helps) Twitter account in Arabic.?

Experience in recent years has made one thing clear: we need diversity, not just within the company, but also when focusing on target groups. The different requirements must be reflected in the programs that are available.

The experiences and successes of the pilot phase have formed the basis for further developments: The online portal for refugees was also relaunched with new partners under the name Handbook Germany. The dedication of employees makes the integrate of the new colleagues possible. Partnerships with businesses and NGOs help to put experiences to better use and position and expand opportunities even further.

Interested in applying? Here's how

Send us your application by e-mail to Internships@telekom.de or contact us if you would like to send an encrypted application.

What do we need from you?

  • An e-mail in which you tell us what you are interested in: apprenticeship, internship, etc.
  • Your CV, so that we know:
    • Who you are
    • How we can contact you and what city you currently live in
    • What training or experience you already have?
  • Your current German language certificate

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