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Telekom live

Telekom live

If you'd like to get to know the people behind the magenta T in person, if you'd like to start a dialog with us, or if you want answers to questions about careers at Telekom, we have a host of support options for you.
Our contact form, phone hotlines, e-mail, and business networks aren't the only methods for communicating with us – we also take part in a wide range of events such as careers fairs, open days, regular get-togethers, workshops, talks, and discussions.
It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you might have. And even if you don't have any questions, why not come and meet us some time? We'd love to get to know you in person.


Job search - 524 Job vacancies for Germany!

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Careers events – straight to your diary.

These events are idea for anyone who wants to get to know us face-to-face or ask get first-hand information about career opportunities.

Contacting us

Do you have any questions about careers? Here you will find the contact person you are looking for.

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Social media

Networking – how to do it At Telekom, we go a step further when it comes to social media. Here, we describe just what this entails.

News about Telekom Career

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Schulklasse sieht Hologramm eines Dinosauriers in der Natur


Debunking the Myths of 5G

3 weeks


Code+Design Camp

 Two athletes playing bocce


High-performance sport and a professional career...

5 weeks

Hugo V. Barbosa, Cybersecurity


#IWILLNOTSTOP leveling up our cybersecurity skill tree

7 weeks

Mobile Austria and UPC Austria become Magenta – a strong, integrated challenger in the Austrian telecommunications market.


After the Acquisition: Mergers & Inhouse Consulting

7 weeks

HR Factbook 2019


HR Factbook for the 2019 financial year

7 weeks



International work experience: Dual Study program...

7 weeks

Virtual leadership: Living at a distance and lead close


Virtual leadership: Living at a distance and lead...

8 weeks

Train tracks going into the mountains


HR Transformation: From brake pad to business booster (Part 2)

8 weeks

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