University students at Deutsche Telekom

Are you still in the middle of your studies? Learn the ropes at Deutsche Telekom before you graduate, either on a (flexible) internship or while writing your final paper.


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This is where theory meets practice. Work on a challenging project and find out what it’s like to be a Telekom team member.

Current application

Applications in times of Corona

Thanks to highly modern tools and technologies, we have created the foundations for being there for our applicants.

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Our Focus Topics

From the Internet of Things to customer service: There are all kinds of ways to join Telekom.

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No time for an internship alongside your studies? We have the solution: it’s called a “Flexiship”

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Dual Master’s programs

You like the idea of both studying and working? Sign up for one of our dual Master′s programs.

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Final thesis

Don’t want your dissertation to be filed away in someone’s drawer? Write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at Deutsche Telekom.

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How to contact us

We will be happy to answer your questions.

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Corporate culture and values

Culture is the DNA of a company and influences not only the way we work, but also our joint success.

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Telekom Career Matcher

You are not sure yet where your professional journey will take you? Our Career Matcher will help you to find it out.

All the major career events. Straight to your calendar.

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News for University students

Your choice

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Praktikant (m/w/d) Human Resources Group...

2 weeks

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Praktikant (m/w/d) Technik und Sales Support

2 weeks

K?ln, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe GmbH

Praktikant (m/w/d) Human Resources im Bereich...

2 weeks

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Praktikant (m/w/d) Human Resources Development

2 weeks

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH

Praktikant (m/w/d) im Key Account Management

2 weeks

K?ln, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

Praktikant (m/w/d) Genehmigungsmanagement für...

2 weeks

K?ln, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

Praktikant (m/w/d) Bau oder Architektur für...

2 weeks

Bonn, I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH

Werkstudent IT / Service Desk (m/w/d)

3 weeks

Hamburg, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

Praktikant (m/w/d) Genehmigungsmanagement für...

3 weeks

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Sven Kollmenter

[email protected]

+49 221 3 3984 2105

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