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From the Internet of Things to customer service: There are all kinds of ways to join Telekom.


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Your heart goes for IT and TK? Discover your career opportunities at T-Systems.

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Culture is the DNA of a company and influences not only the way we work, but also our joint success.


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Schulklasse sieht Hologramm eines Dinosauriers in der Natur


Debunking the Myths of 5G

3 weeks

 Two athletes playing bocce


High-performance sport and a professional career...

5 weeks

Mobile Austria and UPC Austria become Magenta – a strong, integrated challenger in the Austrian telecommunications market.


After the Acquisition: Mergers & Inhouse Consulting

7 weeks

HR Factbook 2019


HR Factbook for the 2019 financial year

7 weeks



International work experience: Dual Study program...

7 weeks

Virtual leadership: Living at a distance and lead close


Virtual leadership: Living at a distance and lead...

8 weeks

Train tracks going into the mountains


HR Transformation: From brake pad to business booster (Part 2)

8 weeks

#wirvsvirus: Telekom employees hack against Corona


#wirvsvirus: Telekom employees hack against Corona

8 weeks

Woman with VR glasses.


VR and AR – more than just hype

10 weeks

Train tracks are going in two different directions


HR Transformation: From brake pad to business...

11 weeks

Frauen-Mint-Award 2020


Women’s STEM Award 2020 – best STEM thesis will be honored!

13 weeks

Six graphic symbols represent the corporate values ??of the Telekom.


Our new Purpose and revised Guiding Principles

13 weeks

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